Monday, August 31, 2020


Tiba-tiba yang ditawarkan adalah karir--potensi lompatan karir, masih potensi. Sebenernya ya gak terlalu dini juga. Urutannya pas: selesai sekolah, penyesuaian pangkat, kesempatan ikut seleksi jabatan fungsional, lanjut sekolah. Di antara semua itu, harusnya, bisa kali disisipi dengan lompatan lamin.

Pecaya gak, kalau satu action kita mungkin mempengaruhi timeline kehidupan kita dan mungkin dunia? Bisa jadi. Pilihan antara di rumah aja atau bepergian, bepergian dengan mobil, kereta, atau pesawat. Keputusan-keputusan ini mungkin akan mengubah takdir mikro dan, walaupun tidak ada hubungan langsung, mungkin mempengaruhi takdir makro global.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Quiet Season at The Garden

When It's already certain about the place,
then Let's talk about the time,
we'll meet.
Obviously, we will meet at a garden.
Which garden?
Wherever the nearest from your place,
I think it's the best.

And somewhere between good and bad time,
there is a quiet one.
And It's right now the quiet season.

So, will you meet me there?


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ozymandias [1]

The bureaucratic thing isn’t my passion at all. It was a wrong decision. Now I’m like out of my own world. I'm trying to get back to where I came from and grew with: Math, graphic, and numbers. Stock and market are my exit plan or even my way back to my nature. Ah, this is too technical. The point is, I plan not to retire as a government employee. I was kind of school child guy; I should remain in the place where I’m good enough. It was knowledge-based-world, not bureaucratic things for living.

But yes, this kind of job makes comfortable standard of life, and we just need to add some seasoning to make it delicious. And so far, I’m okay with this. We just need to make our own safety net.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Bad Genius

I always fall in love in intelligence over beauty, even over something you called religious things. Since I was kid in elementary school, I had partner in each school, and crushed on them. But, as you might know, none of them became real relationship. Just, crushed and gone, unfortunately.

Watching Bad Genius made me flew back to my beautiful memories when I was in High School. Because, there was the best intelligence experience ever happened to my life so far. I was kind of Betelgeuse in the Winter Sky: shine bright then fade away in short time. And so, It made me realized that, at the time, I have no single partner-in-intelligence. There was a group of friends accompany me through to the peak, but we competed individually. We had different field in the same competition. Also, It was a group of friends competed there, so we strengthen as a team consist of 7 students form our high school. And because of this Betelguese things, there was (were) also fan(s). So, I don't have real partner with equal attraction. On the contrary, I crushed on the brighter star: name it Sirius (as known as the brightest star in the sky). She is (still) smart, good looking (not that beauty, but fine), calm, and/but (coincidentally) religious one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Arabia [2]: Tengah-tengah

Di kelas bahasa Arab baina yadaik level akhir, sebagian besar pesertanya adalah Salafiyyin; ada yang ke-NU-NU-an; sedang gue yang paling liberal. Salafiyyin ini yang kira-kira baru hijrah milenium ini, kebanyakan tidak lagi muda tapi mereka semangat sekali belajar agama, dalam hal ini bahasa Arab. Gue sebut keNuNuan dengan alasan bacaannya kurang lancar. Harusnya basic skill-nya orang NU itu baca qurannya lancar sekali. Serius! NU tulen itu bacaan qurannya lancar sekali.

Dari semua itu, dimanakah gue?