Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanks for Inspiring Me

What a great thanks to know you. But it's my fault to be interested in you. I failed to be you. I failed to be similar as you. And I failed to be better. I failed just because I put you in wrong place. This is my own fault, and I beg your great pardon.

A month of someyears ago, I met you: introducing, studying, competiting, and living. It's a grace from Allah who sends you as little paragon in whereever and whenever you are. And, it's my fortune because Allah gets me in one place and one range of time with you. That a month of my life is one of some very valuable time ever.

You influence me till we are poles a part, till know. You know that I have telescope, a very nice one, because it helps me to see you, your habit, your wise, and your beautiful eyes from elsewhere. Ah, I'm sorry for the last thing I do. And, maybe you don't know about my activity in observing you. And so, you aren't know how inspiring you for me.

Whereever you are, as long as my telescope is able to find you, I hope you inspirate me, everlasting. Are there any next chance to meet you in a real life? It's my other begging to Allah.

There are so much thing I want you to know. But, I ashamed of continouing this disorder words. I really know with my selfconcious, my right is only give you a great thanks about inspiring me, with or without you're aware about. Jazakillah, sist.

Do your best and I will do my better.


Your secret admirer,
A strange boy of Atlantis


  1. Assalamu'alaikum...
    Salam Blogger STAN

    Numpang lewat...:D

  2. Salam Blogger STAN...
    blognya udah kufollow, ditunggu folbeknya ya di ^_^