Monday, February 13, 2012

Todays Exam

Aku melangkah menyusuri duniamu cahaya di kehidupan
Walau rintangan menghalangi aku tetap tabah menghadapinya
Sibak gembira yang menyelimuti diri
Meraih suatu keputusan tegakkan keadilan
Seluruh jagad insani
Cahaya kemenangan menyatu hati nurani
ost Wiro Sableng

Todays exam will be the worst exam's expectation ever. Advanced Accounting exam had just finished, and I had no expectation to get--even--"B-" mark this semester. I got "B-" in Advanced Accounting midtest. With number 69, it's almost "B" and it's fine by me. My fair expectation for this final fifth semester exam of Advanced Accounting is just half marked, at maximum. Or if you believe, I just done two of six questions.

Overall, I hope Mr. Asep Supriatna gives his best wise for us, espesially me.

His quote as epilog in the end of class: Mari kita syukuri apa yang kita dapat hari ini. Mudah-mudahan teringat sampai mati.

A lot of thanks, Sir!
About the song above, it will be fine as theme song of holiday. I need to get out to the some quite places for meditation, just after this 'momentous' exam [not only about this semester exams].

Do the best and be better!
Best Regard,

Abdullah Mabruri
-in his comfortable room, after a nap.

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