Monday, April 9, 2012

Tea Conference

Friday Morning, Tea Conference @Abdurrahman Shidiq's cottage

It's love to gather with friends. But, I consider we spent too much time by do nothing or idle talking. I don't agree. "We are young, we must be productive," I wanted to say.

And so I said, "I hope we can do something useful while we're gathering." I mean sometime, or start from now, we shall make a group of business like a joint venture, a community for charity, or a club of hobbies.

Shidiq replayed, "Here, we gather to relax after a hard week of studying." Arif agreed Shidiq's opinion. And, my wish still being a hope.

Further, we discussed another issues while tasting lupis, a traditional food which is bought by Arif in Kalimongso, and bread roast by Shidiq. I just enjoyed it.

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