Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Istirahatlah, Lambe

Hi there.

I don’t know who would read this post or visit my blog. But yes, there are some visitors, I know by looking at the page views statistic. Of course including myself, or only me (?). I don’t know exactly. Some years ago, I had some friends regularly visit my blog, proven by comments on some posts.  I hope some of you still look for me here. Thanks and hi there.

I barely share my blog or posts on social media because, yha, nothing useful here. Only trash I need to throw away from my mind.

Tahun 2019 kemarin saya berkesempatan untuk mendapat pengalaman berharga sehingga dapat membuat kesimpulan: teman itu mempunyai masa dan bisa kadaluarsa. Oleh karena itu, kadang-kadang saya menggunakan term 'brothers and sisters' untuk teman-teman tertentu. Saudara tidak mempunyai masa kadaluarsa. Saya punya sisters-in-law of gravity.